Porcelain dog?  Bespoke Christening plate?  Here’s a handy breakdown of our price guidelines, so that you know what to budget for.  (We’re really sorry, but we can’t show you a list of every pottery shape – it would be extremely long!) Our pricing system is nice and simple: you just pay for what you paint – no studio fee required!


We have a range of over 80 different shapes of pottery, from little frogs to giant vases!
Here’s a rough guide:

  • Tiles from £6.00
  • Plates, mugs and dinnerware from £10.00
  • Hanging ornaments from £8.00
  • Party Animals (which are fun, windowsill-sized models) from £12.00
  • Money banks from £20.00
  • Home decor from £12.00
  • Trinket boxes from £10.00
  • Lanterns from £12.00
  • Vases and jugs from £20.00

Remember that we like to switch up our selection of designs from time to time. If you want to paint something in particular, find out a specific price or request a shape that we don’t currently stock, get in touch and we’ll sort it!

Hand, Foot and Paw Prints

Printing works the same as paint-your-own: you pay for what you paint. We follow your instructions and add any writing and embellishments that you’d like. If those ‘extras’ are quite simple, then the cost of the pottery stays the same. The more detail required, the longer it takes us, so we charge a little extra. A
rough guide is:

  • Any embellishment that takes less than 15 minutes = no additional charge.
  • Anything that takes over 15 minutes and up to an hour = £10.00 extra.
  • Anything that takes over one hour and up to two = £20.00 extra

You get the idea! We know that immortalising your baby or pets’ prints is a very personal process, so each piece of pottery is tailored uniquely to you.

Commission Pottery

Every piece of our commission pottery is completely unique:
we talk to you throughout the process to ensure that you get exactly what you want. This means it’s quite difficult to give prices on our website, because
they vary. A general rule of thumb, though, is:

  • Price of pottery + £10.00 per hour for our artwork (and no, we don’t dawdle!)

Any pottery piece can be decorated to comission, and you don’t need a special occassion to get a special keepsake! If you’re looking for that perfect
something, why not check our Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest accounts to get some inspiration?

Parties and Groups

Who doesn’t love a party? Our pottery painting parties come in three packages, so that you can choose the perfect one for your group.

• Jade Package:
You get the exclusive use of our upstairs studio, as well as a dedicated party host.

• Peridot Package:
Like the Jade Package, but sparklier! As well as a room and a host, we will decorate the room in keeping with the theme of your party, including a balloon for you to take home.

• Emerald Package:
For those who really want to celebrate: you get all the features of the Jade and Peridot Packages, but we will also provide you with a home-baked cake, in a flavour of your choice.

Our parties work a little differently. Instead of paying a fee per person, you pay an overall fee for all the ‘party’ features, then pay for your
pottery on top. That means that it’s up to each person how much they want to spend on their choice of pottery. With that explained, it’s…

Jade = £20.00 party fee + however much you choose to spend on your pottery
Peridot = £30.00 party fee + however much you choose to spend on your pottery
Emerald = £40.00 party fee + however much you choose to spend on your pottery

Other Important-ish Stuff
Our party packages are for 6-12 people. We provide a table for you to lay out any party snacks and non-alcoholic drinks that you want to bring.
If you’d rather have your party downstairs, tell us and we will make it happen! (It still costs that same, though. Sorry.)